Gurman + Andrew's Romantic Banff Engagement

Gurman and Andrew — who are some of my most beloved and dear friends — are getting married later this month and I couldn't be happier to be the one to document their big day. They originally had planned to host a rustic and fun celebration at the Laurel Packinghouse Museum in Kelowna, but much to their dismay their plans were thwarted by COVID-19. Luckily, both Gurman and Andrew are expert planners and are now having a cozy wedding ceremony at their home in a few weeks.

I wanted to treat the happy couple to an engagement session in Banff because (a) it's beautiful and (b) it's hella romantic, and as our session progressed I found out how meaningful the Rockies were for both Gurman and Andrew.

Andrew and Gurman met at an annual "Festivus" party that The Gauntlet (U of C's student-run newspaper) was hosting back in December of 2016. At the time, all three of us were volunteers and just getting out start in media and communications. Before arriving at the party, Andrew was insistent on skipping it altogether since he had a jam-packed day in Banff National Park where he was being interviewed for a job with Parks Canada. Fortunately, his mom was insistent that he attend since he might "meet someone very special." Little did Andrew know how true his mom's advice would be.

As their relationship grew after this auspicious meeting, so did their trips to the mountains. From taking strolls on the frozen-over Lake Minnewanka in -40 degrees weather to sneaking away for romantic picnics in Banff before exploring the surrounding hikes — this little corner of their world became a meaningful part of their relationship.

Last summer, Gurman and Andrew went on a once-in-a-lifetime getaway to Iceland — which is where Andrew's family immigrated from many generations ago — to explore the fjords, geysers, and lava fields. On one such adventure, Andrew surprised Gurman with a custom-made ruby ring and asked her to marry him. She said yes and, as the best stories say, the rest is history.

Gurman and Andrew, your love and happiness for one another radiates through every shared look and gentle touch. I am so excited for the wedding day and for y'all to continue building such a wonderful future together. You two are an absolute inspiration.


  • Banff Main Street | Banff, Alberta

  • Bow River Trail | Banff, Alberta

  • Vermillion Lakes | Banff National Park, Alberta

  • Lake Minnewanka | Banff National Park, Alberta

  • Two Jack Lake | Banff National Park, Alberta