Lee + Spencer's Backyard Wedding

Many of my couples this year have faced the inevitable rescheduling of their wedding ceremonies due to COVID-19 (and if you're Lee and Spencer, they've had to do it twice). But, Lee and Spencer couldn't wait a moment longer to be able to call one another husband and wife, so they hosted the cutest little backyard wedding at Lee's grandparent's house on Father's Day.

Lee and Spencer met at work and their love soon blossomed. They bonded over their shared love of Star Wars, playing video games, and cooking — soon calling one another the "bee's knees."

There were so many meaningful touches added to the ceremony. Whether it was the 400 paper cranes hanging around the altar that Lee created by hand, the specialty engraved ring boxes that said "you're the bee's knees," or the handcrafted playlist of music — you could feel the love that radiated throughout every careful detail. Since only a handful of people could be present, Lee and Spencer live-streamed their wedding on Facebook where many of their friends and family watched from afar to offer their support for the couple. After the ceremony, Spencer's brother added his own unique tribute to the couple by having a special champagne "toast." All-in-all, it was a beautiful ceremony that honoured two of the most humble and kind individuals I've ever met.

Even in the time of COVID-19, when carefully laid out plans have to be put on hold, Lee and Spencer showed how you can still make your wedding beautiful and special even if it's not what you originally imagined. I can't wait to photograph your reception later this year!