I'm running for VP External.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website and look through my campaign. My main priorities over the next ten months will be creating meaningful career and personal development opportunities for this cohort. 

What I'd like to achieve:

1. Website

I want to create a website specifically designed for management students that contains:


(a) An expanded database that has external scholarship and award opportunities.


How? I already have a detailed spreadsheet for myself that includes scholarships and awards to apply to as the year progresses. I would be more than happy to make this public so that other students can get recognition for the incredible work they're doing (as well as some financial help!). 

(b) A weekly blog to supplement our in-class learning. I want to publish interviews with community members, industry tips and tricks, and give students the opportunity to write thought-pieces about topics related to our studies. It would be a great way to connect our program with the larger community and also give students a chance to get published.


How? I have over six years of journalism, professional writing, and blogging experience where I've learned how to conduct engaging interviews, shoot videos, copy-edit, and layout web content.


2. Develop on- and off-campus relationships

I want to work with the Graduate Students Association, campus clubs, and faculty members to:


(a) Advocate for the best interest of Master of Management students. I really want to hear your concerns, team up with other advocacy groups on campus, and accomplish the necessary changes to make the Master of Management student experience exceptional.


How? I have been student rep and Board Chair at The Gauntlet for over two years, sat on a non-profit Board for four years, and advocated for students through my op-ed writing during my undergraduate degree. I possess the necessary skills to solve complex problems, be empathetic, listen without judgment, and genuinely care for others.

(b) Like many others on the campaign trail, I'd love to set-up networking opportunities throughout the next ten months. I envision these opportunities as industry panels, virtual coffee/tea chats, and more traditional events if we are in-person next semester (following COVID-19 regulations, of course).


How? I have been completing full-time internships in a variety of industries since I was 15 (for real though — everything from health care to photography) and want to leverage these connections to bring in speakers that will deliver information that will be beneficial and informative. I also want your help picking them! Ideally, I'd like to set-up a committee/team of students from our cohort so that we can pool our industry connections to book more speakers and plan more events. This is also a great chance to gain volunteer experience.


3. Host a virtual or in-person gala/conference

Based on the expectations of many students in the program, I think it's fair to say that a lot of us were looking forward to a gala in the Winter Semester. I thought quite a bit about how we could make this work both virtually and in-person:


(a) Virtually: I thought it might be really neat to dedicate a whole month to workshops, industry panels, and keynote speakers. I was thinking each week could have an industry theme and we could schedule virtual events around that theme. This way, students can sample different industries which may open up different avenues for their job after graduation. I also think this would be way more manageable than spending two full days over Zoom listening to one speaker after another. 

(b) In-person: I envision this as being very similar to other galas or conferences but slightly tweaked due to COVID-19 regulations. 


How? In my last year of my undergraduate degree, I helped plan an informative and career-focused journalism conference for university students that brought in hundreds of people from across the country to hear from industry experts (everything from podcasting to reporting on human rights). This conference had workshops for three-days with an Awards Banquet on the final night (followed by a huge party). I have also been planning events, workshops, and speaker series for non-profits, campus clubs, and other interest groups since junior high and have been part of fundraising teams since a young kid (community sports, amirite?). But, most recently I helped lead a highly successful fundraising campaign during COVID-19 that lead to over $10,000 in donations for the non-profit I work for. I'd love to put forward fun ideas to generate funds for anything the society wants to do.


What I'm doing right now:

1. Working with the faculty to organize a safe way for students to get their portraits taken for LinkedIn

Voting opens in: